Brandt's crossing




The opportunity was to develop a master plan for Brandt's Crossing, a traditional neighborhood
development (TND) on a 130 acre site in southeast Austin. The proposed community lies within the City's
Smart Growth desired development zone (DDZ). The Smart Growth Initiative is part of the City's efforts to
protect environmentally sensitive areas by encouraging new development within the urban core. The program offers incentives that will help the project be more economically feasible and therefore more affordable to Austin residents. The solution presented a "regulating plan" and "urban code" which creates a flexible, yet predictable framework for the buildout of the community and is pursuing zoning under the City's innovative Traditional Neighborhood District (TND) Ordinance. The regulating plan assures compatibility for the various types of buildings to be built in the community. The urban code includes a strict set of design guidelines which define building setbacks, heights, edges and materials. Unlike typical zoning which prohibits specific uses, the TND Ordinance, regulating plan, and urban code specifically describe the preferred form of development in terms of its urban form. The developer, SDC Austin Communities, is investing significantly in streetscape improvements, parks, and water quality features which will make the community an especially pleasant place for pedestrians.