cedar park justice center

cedar park, tx



Cedar Park Justice Center, the combined Administrative Center for Cedar Park's Police Department and Municipal Court, is located in the heart of the city and is intended to serve as the catalyst for a rebirth of Cedar Park's Town Center. With a total of 39,000 square feet, the center occupies an otherwise ordinary suburban site. What makes this project unique is its commitment to setting the standard for the considerably more urban and pedestrian-friendly downtown environment that is envisioned to characterize the Cedar Park of the future. Focused on an 80' diameter urban plaza, the building's two wings are immediately adjacent to the sidewalk and embrace one of downtown's most important intersections. It is a commanding structure constructed of regionally appropriate materials and intended to clearly convey a sense of importance inherent to such significant civic buildings.
Site design and development consisted of providing the building with a ceremonial entry, adequate surface parking, convenient pedestrian circulation throughout the site, and an attractive detention / retention pond facility planted with native wetland species. The City required that public parking be separate from "secure" parking needed for employees and court-related police activities. Broad pedestrian walks provide across the entire façade of the building with direct connections to the building front and back and to pond areas. In addition to three public pond observations areas, an outdoor use area below a large existing Oak with decomposed granite paving and stone benches provides a break area for employees and visitors alike.