horan residence

austin, tx



The opportunity was to develop a large water feature for a new residence in southwestern Travis County,
Texas. The major challenges and opportunities the project presented were an isolated location, native surroundings that were not to be disturbed, and rugged terrain requiring special attention during construction to ensure safety of those working on the project. The solution was to create a compilation of stream, waterfalls, and pools to create a water feature with a natural appearance to blend into the surrounding area. The creek begins with an origin at the south end of the project and meanders across the site over waterfalls and through rapids into two large pools at the north end of the project. An elaborate pump and filter system was required in order to keep the water as clean as possible, additionally, construction techniques found in swimming pool construction were used in building the ponds. This construction type allows the ponds to easily cleaned and maintained required for the aquatic life and plant material the owner desired. All stone in the feature was harvested from the construction area, stock piled, and reused to finish the project.