volente village

lake travis, tx



The opportunity was to design a water front resort community of unparalleled distinction in the state of
Texas. Multiple parcels of land composed of waterfront, street frontage, restricted hill top construction, bird habitat, and endangered species preserve equaled more than 2,000 acres of land to create a resort community based on the existing character of Volente. Land Design Studio’s design solution recognizes that all healthy communities have a strong identity and sense of place. The components of an elite lake view, hillside village must be planned and constructed to develop a community with a strong identity and continually strengthen its character. Most important to the Volente Master Plan was to create a village center that would be the commercial and physical center of Volente, so that the resort is typified by the town itself and not just the marina. Residential housing is clustered close to the town center or other activity hubs such as the marina to keep persons in close proximity.